Core Faculty

Michelle Berry.

Michelle Berry

Assistant Professor (Career Track)

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Eithne Lubheid

Eithne Luibheid Ph.D.

Acting Department Head

Director of Graduate Studies


Bill Simmons lecturing.

William Paul Simmons Ph.D.

Director, Human Rights Practice Program


Emma Perez

Emma Pérez

Research Social Scientist


Stephanie Troutman Robbins

Department Head, on sabbatical for AY 22-23

Research Faculty

Claudia Powell

Associate Research Social Scientist, SW Institute for Research on Women

Affiliated Faculty

Andrea J. Romero Ph.D.

Professor and VP for Faculty Affairs

Office: McClelland Park, Room 301H

Laura Tabili Ph.D.

Professor, History

Office: Social Sciences (#27)

Kamran Talattof Ph.D.

Professor, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies, School of Middle Eastern/North

Office: Marshall Bldg. 446

Aileen A. Feng Ph.D.

Associate Professor, French and Italian

Office: Modern Languages 570

Beverly A. Seckinger MFA

Professor, School of Theatre, Film & Television

Office: Marshall Bldg, Room 229

Beth Alpert Nakhai

Associate Professor

Office: Marshall 422

Cheryl Ann Knott

Professor, School of Information (Tenured)

Office: Richard P. Harvill Building, Room #435C  

Jamie Ann Lee

Assistant Professor

Diane Austin Ph.D.

Research Anthropologist

Director of School of Anthropology

Office: Emil W. Haury Anth. Bldg. 316

Linda B. Green Ph.D.

Professor, Anthropology

Office: Richard P. Harvill Building

Anne Betteridge Ph.D.

Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Office: Louise Foucar Marshall Bldg

Dev Bose

Associate Professor of Practice (Career Track)

Office: Building: Modern Languages (#67), Room #445

Peg Brand Weiser

Adjunct Instructor

Office: Social Sciences 216D
Office: Modern Languages 344

Maritza Cardenas

Director of Global Studies; Associate Professor, English (Tenured)

Office: Building: Modern Languages, Room #445

Julia Clancy-Smith Ph.D.

Regents Professor

Office: Social Sciences 221

Anna Cooper

Assistant Professor

Office: Marshall Bldg, Room 234

Katia da Costa Bezerra Ph.D.

Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Office: Modern Languages

Linda Darling Ph.D.

Professor, History

Office: Social Sciences 231

Suzanne Dovi Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: Social Science 325

Javier Duran Ph.D.

Director, Confluence Center - in the Office of the Vice President for Research

Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese


Alison Futrell

Associate Professor

Office: Cesar E Chavez Building, Room #419

Jill Guernsey de Zapien

Director, Border/Transborder and Binational Public Health

Office: Roy P. Drachman Hall

Leila Hudson

Associate Professor, Modern Middle East Culture & Political Economy

Joela Jacobs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of German Studies

Office: Learning Services Building 306

Mary Jo Fox Ph.D.

Professor and Research Social Scientist, American Indian Studies

Office: Richard P. Harvill Building 224

Kimberly Jones

Vice Dean, Academic Affairs-College of Humanities

John Paul (JP) Jones

Dean, International Education

Professor, Geography/Regional Devel (Tenured)

Professor, Public Health (Non-Tenure Eligible)

Office: University Services Building, Room #322A

Simin Karimi Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Linguistics

Mary Koss Ph.D.

Regents’ Professor for Department of Health Promotion Sciences

Office: Drachman 248A

Barbara Kosta Ph.D.

Professor and Department Head, German Studies

Office: German Studies - LSB 322

Ivy L. Pike Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Office: Emil W. Haury Building

Meg Lota Brown

Associate Dean, Professional Development

Professor, English (Tenured)

Associate Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Office: Administration Room #322

Louise M. Roth Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Sociology

Office: Social Sciences

Susan M. White Ph.D.

Professor of Film and Literature, Department of English

Office: Modern Languages

Jill M. Williams

Director, Women in Science and Engineering Program

Office: GWS Building, 202a

Lynda M. Zwinger Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English

Office: Modern Languages

Farid Matuk

Associate Professor, English (Tenured)

Office: Building: Modern Languages (#67) Room #445

Leerom Medovoi Ph.D.

Professor, Department of English

Office: 445 Modern Languages Bldg

Katherine Morrissey

Associate Professor

Office: Cesar E Chavez Building, Room #330

Maha Nassar

Associate Professor, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

David Ortiz

Associate Professor, History (Tenured)

Office: Building: Cesar E Chavez Building (#23), Room #319G

Anna O’Leary Ph.D.

Department Head/ Mexican American Studies

Office: Cesar E Chavez Building

Erika Perez Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of History

Office: Chavez 326  

Jadwiga Pieper Mooney Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of History

Eric Plemons

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Office: Haury 315

Beth Plummer

Associate Professor

Denis Provencher

Head, Department of French & Italian Professor of French

Hai Ren Ph.D.

Associate Professor, East Asian Studies and Anthropology

Office: Department of East Asian Studies University of Arizona Learning Services Building, Room 102 1512 First St., P. O. Box 210105, Tucson, AZ 85721-0105

Faith S. Harden

Associate Professor

Karen Seat Ph.D.

Director, Religious Studies Program

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Office: Learning Services Building, Room 227

Tyina Steptoe

Associate Professor, History (Tenured)

Associate Professor, Applied Intercultural Arts Research - GIDP (Non-Tenure Eligible)

Office: Cesar E Chavez Building Room #319D

Melissa Tatum

Research Professor of Law

Michelle Tellez

Assistant Professor, Tenure Track

Office: César Chavez Bldg., Room 228

Emeritus Faculty

Myra Dinnerstein Ph.D.

Research Professor Emerita

Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Ph.D.

Professor of Women's Studies and English

Office: Tyndall 109B

Adam M. Geary, PhD.

Associate Professor (Career-track) Emeritus

Patricia MacCorquodale Ph.D.

Professor and Dean Emerita, Honors College

Office: GWS 108
Office: Tyndall 205B

Judy Temple Ph.D.

Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and English