Claudia Powell

Associate Research Social Scientist, SW Institute for Research on Women

Claudia Powell holds an M.Ed in Educational Administration. She is an Associate Research Social Scientist  with SIROW.   Claudia has worked in the field of substance abuse treatment, HIV prevention, and domestic violence for the past 8 years. Projects include an Office on Violence against Women’s project in conjunction with the Pima County Attorneys Office, evaluation of the Pima County Superior Court’s Family Drug Court program that serves women involved in Child Protective Services due to their substance abuse and related behaviors and the Own Yourself project that, in conjunction with the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, provides Substance Abuse education and prevention and HIV prevention to African-American girls.  Ms. Powell was also the Evaluator for the recently ended Pima County Health Department’s EON-Prism project that provided integrated substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention services to LGBTQ adolescents and young adults.


  • Own Yourself