Josephine Korchmaros

Director, SIROW

Dr. Korchmaros is Director of the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW). Since earning her doctoral degree in Social Psychology with a focus on quantitative research methods in 2003, Dr. Korchmaros has developed, implemented, evaluated, and provided training and technical assistance for multiple grant-funded research projects of importance to underserved populations (e.g., racial/sexual minorities including women/girls and Native American populations). Her research has focused on treatment models; reduction of risk behaviors; addressing group-based (e.g., culture and gender identification) health disparities; and system and policy improvement in such areas as sexual health, substance use, and justice-involvement.

Dr. Korchmaros takes a research-to-practice focus, aiming to a) disseminate research findings in a timely manner using multiple mediums and outlets; b) increase the extent to which practice is informed by research; and c) encourage policy change and funding programs informed by current research and knowledge. She has produced peer-reviewed research briefs, trainings, papers, implementation tools, and presentations concerning accurate identification of service need within underrepresented and disadvantaged populations, effectively addressing such need, and health-related behavior change.

Dr. Korchmaros also has extensive experience conducting and assisting others to conduct culturally-informed intervention and research. She has developed theoretically-based health-related behavior interventions for different populations and has informed the field about the particular influencing factors related to health-related behavior among particular populations. Finally, Dr. Korchmaros’ work has informed the field about the practice of implementing culturally-informed intervention and research, such as with her guide for conducting program evaluation among Native American populations.

Dr. Korchmaros has particular expertise in:

  • health-related behavior change intervention
  • culturally-informed programming
  • research methodology
  • statistical analysis
  • process, outcome, and cost evaluation

Current Projects

  • Seven Challenges-Adult Treatment Effectiveness Study
  • Bridges to Wellness (B-Well)

Past Projects

  • Developing a Sustainable Seafood Industry Infrastructure in Burma
  • Medication Adherence, Health Literacy and Cultural Health Beliefs in a Massachusetts Community Health Center
  • National Cross-site Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts
  • HerStory to Health: A Woman’s HIV, STD, Hepatitis B and C, and Mental Health Drug Treatment Enhancement Project
  • i-TEAM: A Treatment Systems Approach for Homeless LGBTQ Youth    
  • LGBTQ Youth: Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Technical Transfer to Inform on a Research Agenda
  • The Status of Women in Southern Arizona: Indicators of Equity and Opportunity
  • Las Rosas: A Recovery Oriented Support System Approach for Adolescent Girls in Tucson, Arizona
  • Increasing Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment within a University Health Services Center: Project CHAT
  • Eon: Capacity Enhancement to Improve and Integrate Culturally Relevant Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Services

Selected Publications

Korchmaros, J.D., Thompson-Dyck, K. L., & Haring, R.C. (2017). Professionals’ perceptions of and recommendations for matching juvenile drug court clients to services. Children and Youth Services Review, 73,149-164.

Powell, C., Korchmaros, J., Ellasante, I., Haverly, K., & Stevens, S. (2016). iTEAM: Outcomes of an affirming system of care serving LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. Families in Society, 97, 181-190. DOI: 10.1606/1044-3894.2016.97.24.

Korchmaros, J. D., Baumer, P. C., & Valdez, E. S. (2016). Critical components of adolescent substance use treatment programs: The impact of Juvenile Drug Court: Strategies in Practice and elements of Reclaiming Futures. Drug Court Review, 10, 80-115.

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