Javier Duran Ph.D.

Director, Confluence Center - in the Office of the Vice President for Research

Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese


  • Ph.D., Spanish & Portuguese, University of Arizona, 1995

Research interests

U.S.-Mexico Border Studies, critical theory, cultural studies, modern and contemporary Latin American narrative, Latin American women writers.

Area studies courses

Latin American Cultural Identity; Hispanic Cultures in the U.S.; Survey of Latin American Literature I and II; The Border in Mexican and Mexican American Narrative; The Latin American Novel and the Boom; The Mexican New Novel Contemporary Latin American Women Writers; Visions of the border in Mexican and Chicano/a Narrative Writing; Cultural Citizenship, Borders, Diasporas, and Transnational Identities in the Americas; Fronteridades: Border Theories and Cultural Practices in the Americas.

Selected Publications

  • Duran, Javier. 2004. Guest Editor: Studies in Latin American Popular Culture. Volume 23. Special Issue: “Rethinking Popular Culture in Mexico and the Borderlands: Appropriations, Embodiments, and Reconfigurations.”
  • Duran, Javier. 2004. “Alejandro Morales”. Latino and Latina Writers V.1. Allan West-Duran Ed. NY: Thomson-Gale Group. pp. 383-404.
  • Duran, Javier and Rosaura Hernández Monroy. Eds. 2003. Genealogías imaginarias. Los discursos de la cultura hoy.  México: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco, Universidad Estatal de Michigan, Universidad de Louisville, Universidad de Arizona, Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm, 2003
  • Duran, Javier. 2002. “Nation and Translation: The Pachuco in Mexican Popular Culture, Germán Valdes Tin-Tán”. Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association. 35.2: 41-49.