Ph.D. Minor

Ph.D. candidates in other disciplines may select a minor in Gender and Women's Studies. The Ph.D. minor in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Arizona is intended to enhance their training in their major field by providing a foundation in diverse theories of gender, critical race theory, feminism and other social movements, history, literature, critical and cultural studies, and the relation of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and transnational economic and political processes. Through coursework and preparation for individually designed comprehensive exams (that include a GWS component), students gain understanding and skills in diverse approaches to feminist scholarship that inform the design and execution of their dissertation project.

The Gender and Women's Studies minor is 12 units of approved Gender and Women's Studies courses, including two courses from the following list:

  • GWS 539A Feminist Theories I
  • GWS 539B Feminist Theories II
  • GWS 639 Feminist and Related Social Movements

The remaining two courses may be any 500-level (or above) courses offered by core Gender and Women's Studies faculty or officially cross-listed with GWS. Students may repeat GWS 539A and GWS 539B one time each for credit that is applicable to a GWS PhD major, PhD minor, MA, or Concentration, on the condition that the syllabus for the course is substantially different from the earlier offering. Course eligibility will be determined by the Director of Graduate Studies or, if a conflict of interest, the Department Head.  Repeat enrollment will be treated as a normal GWS elective course.  Repeat enrollment will have no bearing on PhD Qualifying procedures tied to these courses.

Transfer Courses

Students who wish to transfer courses to be counted toward the minor must secure the approval of the GWS DGS.

Minor Requirements

Per Graduate College rules, the minor must be represented on the comprehensive examination committee; minor representation is encouraged for the dissertation committee. GWS core or affiliate faculty may represent the minor on comprehensive examination and dissertation committees.

The minor will be granted upon completion of coursework with a B or better for the required units. No more than two transfer courses will be accepted, and cannot replace the Gender and Women's Studies core courses.