Double Majors

The B.A. in Gender & Women's Studies program offers double major students the opportunity to double-dip up to 12 units of prequalified courses from the following programs:

  • History (HIST)
  • Mexican American Studies (MAS)
  • Sociology (SOC)

Qualified Courses

GWS/HIST double majors can double-dip up to 12 units from the following courses:

  • GWS/HIST 202 History of Modern Sexualities
  • GWS/HIST 386 Race/Gender: Genealogies, Formations, Politics
  • GWS/HIST 496T Queer—Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender—Histories of North America
  • HIST/GWS 253 History of Women in the U.S.: Colonial America to 1890
  • HIST/GWS 254 History of Women in the U.S.: 1890 to Present
  • HIST/GWS 404C Cleopatra: Power, Passion, Propaganda
  • HIST/GWS 411 Human Sexuality in World History
  • HIST/GWS 445 Women in Islamic History
  • HIST/GWS 453 Women and Work
  • HIST/GWS 455 History of Women in Europe
  • HIST/GWS 457A Manhood and Masculinity in the United States
  • HIST/GWS 458 Topics in Comparative Women’s History
  • HIST/GWS 469 Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History
  • HIST/GWS 496P Women’s Life Writing: Autobiography, Diary, Oral History, Biography

Other courses co-convened in both HIST and GWS

AFAS 306 African-American Autobiographies: Women and Their Histories

GWS/MAS double majors can double-dip up to 12 units from the following courses:

  • GWS/MAS 201 Introduction to Chicana/Latina Studies
  • GWS/MAS 307  Chicana Feminisms: History, Theory and Practice
  • GWS/MAS 358 U.S. 3rd World Feminisms:  Theory, History, Practice
  • MAS/GWS 365 Latinos and Latinas:  Emerging Contemporary Issues
  • GWS/MAS 386 Race/Gender: Genealogies, Formations, Politics
  • GWS/MAS 415 Chicano/a Literary and Historical Recovery Projects
  • MAS/GWS 470 The Feminization of Migration:  Global Perspectives
  • MAS/GWS 485 Mexicana/Chicana Women’s History

GWS/SOC double majors can double-dip up to 12 units from the following courses:

Currently cross-listed, and could count toward both majors:

  • GWS/SOC 427 Women and Work
  • GWS/SOC 448 Sociology of the Body
  • GWS/SOC 459 Sociology of Gender
  • GWS/SOC 487 Feminist Interpretations of Health

Not currently cross-listed, but could count toward both majors as Department Elective Credit:

  • GWS 240 Gender in a Transnational World
  • GWS 305 Feminist Theories
  • GWS 308 Gender, Labor and Families
  • GWS 325 Gender, Sexuality & International Migration
  • SOC 304 Race, Class, Gender and Sports
  • SOC 325 Men and Masculinities